Monday, January 04, 2010

Life in AZ...

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything on here, so here is a brief run down of the past year.
After passing the NCLEX, I began working at a major hospital, on a cardiac floor, the first six months the work was very tough, and I found myself frequently asking why I became a RN. However the past few months have been better--I still am challenged frequently, but feel more confident now.
Kaitlin and I have done some traveling this past year, we went back to the NW last spring to see our baby nephew, then again last summer to go to my family's lake cabin. For my birthday last september we went to Durango, CO to visit a good friend of mine.
We hosted Christmas at our house this year, which was good. It was my first Christmas away from my family, but Kaitlin's family was here, and it was a great time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am now a Registered Nurse

A quick update for anyone out there in reader land, I just took the big NCLEX (RN license) test this past Tuesday morning, and found out Wednesday that I passed, and am now an active Registered Nurse here in Arizona!
I did a lot of studying before the test, which paid off, and now I am able to spend a few days relaxing, before I start work Monday the 16 of February.
Kaitlin is busy studying to take the NCLEX this next Tuesday, so wish her luck (but I know she will do great, she is a smart woman).
That is about all, I am looking forward to a fun Valentines day this weekend, and then Kaitlin's mom will be here in Tucson next week, which will be fun, but we will be at work most of the time.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lots of studying, and some fun outings

Life is pretty great right now, Kaitlin and I are having a good time in Tucson, although right now most of our time is spent studying for our RN license test. We will be taking it soon (next week for me, end of Feb for Kaitlin).
We have been able to do some fun hikes in the area, and ride our bike a lot which is a nice change after being in cold cold Spokane, where I wanted to spend as little time outside as possible!
Today we are heading down to a small town named Tubac, it is having a big art festival this week, so we are going to go check it out for a few hours, then more studying.
I love the married life, and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend, and wife.
In other news, Kaitlin and I have a new nephew, my sister delivered her first baby (a boy named Owen) in mid January, and he is healthy, and the pictures look nice. I haven't met him yet, but will in the next 6 months or so.
That is all, now off to Tubac!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

We have gone South.....

Wow, sometimes things all happen so fast. Kaitlin and I are now in the Tucson area, and very happy to be in warmer weather, and out of the 60+ inches of snow that are on the ground in Spokane. We have spent the past few days here getting used to the main roads, and figuring out how to get around. We have also gone on a few hikes, bike rides, and walks, and are so happy be able to get outside and exercise some.
Now our main goal for the rest of January is to study a TON, and do all we can so that we both pass our RN boards (which we will be taking at the end of this month).
Life is good, and we are excited about our new life together, and all the great adventures that lie ahead.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lots of big changes......I'm married!!!!

The past month has been very exciting, and fun, and has held many big changes in my life. First off, I was busy finishing up my undergraduate program, and had to complete 120 hours of clinical/practicum in the emergency department at the largest hospital in town. That was a great learning experience, and it will serve as a great transition from school into practice.
Kaitlin and I are now married!!!! I know it is a HUGE commitment, but it is one that I know I am ready for, and Kaitlin is as well. We had originally planned to have the wedding next spring, but since we are moving down to Tucson, AZ very soon, and starting full time nursing jobs there, we didn't think we would have much time for planning a large wedding, and we didn't want the extra stress. Most of my family and some of Kaitlin's were already coming to Spokane for our graduation on the 14th, and my family had already reserved a large private dining room at the Davenport Tower Hotel (one of Spokane's finest), and so we thought hey, lets see if we can get married then. We were able to have our pastor perform the ceremony, and get Kaitlin a dress, and a fancy cake. Amazingly, a much larger amount of our families were able make it up on only 13 days notice, and we felt very blessed to have them there. It was an intimate wedding, with just our family present.
We are hoping to have a large party/celebration next summer that we will invite our friends to come to, and it will be held in Spokane.
It has been an exciting week to say the least! On top of everything else we now have about 3 feet of snow in our front yard. We were planning on driving from Spokane down to Tucson, the day after Christmas, but due to the crazy weather have instead decided to ship our cars down, and fly down. So, next Monday the 29th we are flying down to our new city, Tucson.
I am so thrilled to be married to Kaitlin, and feel that I am immensely blessed to have her as my wife! Life is good, and I am excited for a wonderful new year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you in readerland.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!

As of October 17th, I am engaged to Kaitlin Wiggins!! I wanted to update this blog sooner, but have been overwhelmed with school work, and have not had time.
However, after purchasing the ring, I did some good planning, and made a 12 page story of Kaitlin and I.
After making the story just how I wanted it, with lots of pictures of us together, I printed it on nice paper at a print shop here in Spokane. Then I worked out with two of Kaitlin's room mates that one would take Kaitlin out to coffee that Friday morning (Oct. 17th) at 11 am, and one would be at their house to let me in.
However, due to Kaitlin planning to do a school project that Friday morning, and not letting me know until late Thursday night, the coffee plan did not work. However, Kaitlin was still out of her apartment, so I went down, and placed 18 multicolored roses on her desk in her room, and placed the first few pages next to the vase, with a note that led her to the next few. I had three different sections hidden in her bedroom, and then the next two were up at my place, and then from there the scavenger hunt lead her to Manito park, where I was waiting at a bench that was on a hill over looking the flower gardens. Once she got to me, I read her the last page, and then got down on one knee, and proposed.
She said yes, and started crying, and I did too. It was very good, and while I had to be a bit flexible, it was well worth it, and I am very excited about our future together.
We will be graduating in mid-December, and then after the holidays, will be heading down to Tuscon, AZ together. We plan to live and work down there for at least a year.
We don't yet have a date set for the wedding, since things are so crazy for us right now with school, graduation, finals, and everything. Once we get to Tuscon, AZ and start working, we will plan out the wedding. We are planning to have it here in Spokane, and hopefully late spring/early summer 2009.
Yeah, pretty crazy to think that I am now engaged, but it is very good.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.....

Right now, school is keeping me very busy, but it will be over mid-November, and then I'll be doing a three week practicum here in Spokane hopefully in a Hospital Emergency Department setting.
Other than that, life is going great, Kaitlin and I are doing very well, and after graduation are planning to move down to Tucson, AZ and hopefully not have to deal with the amount of snow we had in Spokane last year.
The fall is definitely here, the weather has cooled down quite a bit, but fall days in Spokane are beautiful. Yeah, I guess that is about it--just trying hard to keep my focus up for school, and finish off on a good note.